How do I get paid for my work with clients?

Clients pay you using our Stripe Connect platform. Essentially, you just set up your account and the payment is put right into your bank account with a 30% commission deducted from us. 

Not sure what Stripe is? It’s kind of like PayPal but made to integrate into platforms. Stripe is one of the leading payment processor in the world today. Digital transactions are made with ease using their robust online platform.  Stripe offers a transparent pricing scheme, support for recurring payments, in-depth documentation and easy-to-use online interface.

Expat Therapy 4U integrates with Stripe to provide a fully secure and regulation compliant way of taking credit and debit card payments from clients.

We use Stripe Connect which has been designed for platforms and marketplaces and is fully compliant with the latest online payment legislation so you can be assured it's safe, secure and compliant.

Payments to your stripe account are set to disburse automatically once a month on custom scheduling time for each order. However, you can also request for the withdrawal of funds from your therapist account by navigating to dashboard > frontend dashboard > payments > withdrawal, as shown in the screenshot below. 

For context, when a client pays a session, the platform labels it as 'Order Processing' until 48 hours after the session has taken place. Once the 48 hours pass, it will then be marked as 'Order Completed'. There is a 7 days withdrawal locking period after an order is marked as 'Order Completed'. This means that we can disburse your commission no earlier than 9 days from the date of a session. We designed it this way for the mutual benefit of both the Client and Therapist should there be any issues with the session (whether it was cancelled, rearranged or did not take place for whatever reason), in which case we can action refund requests. 

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