I have more than one Listing. How can I show this on my booking form?

As mentioned in this article, we can create a Listing according to the following types;

  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy, and
  • Couple therapy

When Clients request for an appointment, it is best that we know which Listing they are booking for.  This is best reflected on the Booking Form with the help of Custom Fields.

1.  Upon signing in, click on ‘My Account’, then click ‘My Business’.

2.  Under Published Businesses, click ‘Calendar’.

3.  Go to the third tab, ‘Custom Fields’, then click ‘ + Paid Service Selector ’.

4.  Follow these instructions (shown in the image below);

  • Tick the box 'Required Field'
  • Name your label as Service
  • Click ' + WooCommerce Product ' to make the drop-down menu appear

5.  Depending on the Listings you have created on your Therapist Profile, customize your dropdown menu by clicking '+ Paid Service Selector'

6.  Click 'Save Custom Fields'.  Your Booking Form should now look like this!

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